A New Day

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Welcome to  This site is designed to fill a gap that I've discovered in the typical online-home-plan shopping process.  

As our world becomes more information driven, the technology and multimedia options have become numerous and overwhelming.  The same technology has impacted the residential design world as well. In the past design was carried out by hand.  Now most designers use some form of CAD to generate home plans.  Although this has advantages, there are pitfalls as well.   We'll leave that discussion for another post.

Regardless, the CAD files are invariably converted to PDF's and then sent to a local printer for processing. is designed to allow the consumer (builder or individual) to order and pay for their plans online and then have the PDF files actually emailed directly to them.  This saves time and money by allowing the customer to print only what (or as much as) they need.  Obviously the plans will need to be customized with the buyer's information so there is some editing done before the files can be emailed.

In addition, the plans you'll find here are different than what you'll find in other places.  Our plans are created by not only an experienced design professional, but by a licensed contractor with over ten years experience in designing and building exceptional homes.  Our plans LOOK right and FEEL right.  Take a few minutes to browse our site and see if you don't agree.  We think you will.

Shop smart, live well...

J.W. Didier