About Us

Great Home Plan is the online studio for Didier Home Design.

The site is designed to provide clients a new and fresh approach to finding the right home for their project.   Great Home Plan gives visitors an innovative way to shop and interact with the designer.  Browse our designs and purchase online.  We'll send the files electronically to you or your preferred printer.  Need a custom design?  We'll collaborate to achieve the design you're looking for.  Sign up for email alerts of new designs or follow our work on the blog.   State of the art design by experienced professionals.  Browse, call or message now.


Didier Home Design 

Didier Home Design is the result of years of practical building experience and design study.  As builder, I found many clients came to me with plans that were inappropriate for their project.  Field changes or "fixes" meant designing on the job and making changes just to make things work.  I use that experience to design plans that are not only beautiful and architecturally sound, but allow the builder to execute the project without the need to fix design problems on the job.  We use time-proven design principles, technical acuity and creativity to produce timeless designs.  Whether the design is traditional, French, modern or a blend, the details make the difference.


Doing It Yourself?  

Didier Home Design can assist you in planning and executing your project.  With more than ten years as a licensed contractor, we have the knowledge base and contacts to help you choose the right people for your job.  Our services include budgeting, estimating, providing master schedule, providing resources (contacts), advice for specific and general questions along the way and punch out advice.  We can't act as a general contractor but we can act as a consultant to help the do-it-yourself homeowner achieve professional results.  Call us today for details!  225-247-3878.